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Introduction: Luxury Simplified

Musha Interior is a 100% women owned and established company committed to professional excellence and value addition in delivery of full-service interior design solutions to a broad spectrum of clients including those in residential, commercial and hospitality environments. Most environments do not speak a story of what they entail and who they belong to. Consequently, there is a standard look in many living spaces whether home, store or office showing a lack within personal interpretations and expressions of spaces. Musha Interior as an integral part of the design and development team, seeks to bridge the gap between a space that simply delivers its function and one with the right opulence and style making it comfortable to a level that will inspire those experiencing the environments. Through Interior consultancy services and manufacturing and selling of unique furniture pieces, Musha Interior strives to personalize, customize and create spaces that are unique to each individual/corporate/retail environment and that represents them. With its headquarters situated in Harare, Musha Interior aims to soon expand its footprint to the surrounding provinces

Vision : Redefining Interior Design

To redefine Interior Design. We seek to drift away from the standard and monotonous way of decorating through incorporating “the best of both worlds”. To harness our deep creative resources, the highest caliber trade professionals and artisans. Maintaining the uses and purposes of spaces whilst incorporating their personal styles and preferences . We seek to be an organization that brings chic pieces and spaces to life through the incorporation of our local talent and a few imported items. We further seek to export our products and pieces to other countries in-order to showcase the local talent and to also have a little bit of Zimbabwe in a foreign space.

Mission : An undeniable touch of Luxury

 To change the face of interior design within any given space through using our expertise to give projects an undeniable touch of luxury.  To showcase our innovative and stunning solutions for any home and commercial project.  To fully utilize and appreciate the redundant spaces.  To positively Influence the lives our our customers

Our Values : Prioritize the Whole Person

 Prioritize the whole person- their mind and body,  To treat each client as an individual by shaping their Interior design into an expression of them.  To deliver our services on time and on budget with excellence, efficiency and with a touch of Musha.  Competence, coherence and reliability.

Our Services :

Interior Design- Interior design entails multiples disciplines, from the technical to the artistic from architectural drawings to colour and textile selections. At Musha, we are equally versed In the art and the science of Interior design. Purchasing- We do the purchasing of products and services required for the successful execution of construction and renovation projects. This entails correspondence with vendors, quote requests, getting client approvals, approving Items before shipment and handling payments. Furniture Design- Custom solutions. The perfect piece of furniture or built In cabinet can complete a space. This Is where we our artisans, fabricators and cabinet makers showcase their high-quality services to exact specifications. Consultancy- We lend our expertise to clients, developers, architects and designers. Accessories and Art Sourcing- We accessorize projects with all Items that create completed spaces, this Including art work selections.